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UK offshore review among Tynwald questions

A wide variety of issues will be discussed during question time in Tynwald next week.

There are 21 items for oral answer, with topics ranging from the Kaupthing Singer and Friedlander affair to paying for the runway extension, and the United Kingdom's independent review of offshore centres.

There are a further 18 questions for written reply.

Data protection will come under scrutiny when the chief minister is asked if he will instigate a 'root and branch' review of relevent legislation. The same questioner, MLC Juan Turner, will also ask to whom the Information Systems Division is accountable, and whether Treasury Minister Allan Bell will introduce an Insolvency Bill.

There are two enquiries regarding payment for the airport extension contract and why there was no forward purchase of Euros for the purpose.

More information will be sought on the on going KSF affair and there is also a query on exactly when the UK Treasury intends to carry out it review of Britain's offshore finance centres.

On a more parochial level, Transport Minister David Anderson will be asked what plans there are to replace the Victorian cast-iron lighthouse in Port St Mary, which was washed away during recent storms.

Question time will be broadcast live on Manx Radio's AM 1368 frequency, from 10.30am on Tuesday (February 17).

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