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Wind power an exciting prospect for the future - Gill

Using wind power to generate electricity is a viable option for the Isle of Man, but is still a long way off.

That's the view of chairman of the MEA Quintin Gill, in response to a report which says wind turbines could generate twelve per cent of the Island's present needs.

The study concludes that between six and twelve turbines, or windmills, would be needed, using structures between 50 and 150 metres in height.

Mr Gill says the MEA will explore the idea further and, in principle, it's an exciting prospect for the future.

However, he is sounding a note of caution, saying wind energy is far from the simple concept it might appear:

"The problem with wind energy is that it is intermittent, even if it might not feel like it in the Isle of Man.

"If the wind's not blowing in the correct manner, if it's too strong or not strong enough, then that capacity has to be made good with more conventional techniques.

"So it's not a straightforward matter, but we've commissioned the report, the MEA have looked at it from our technical perspective, we've put it back to the Policy Group, and we say it's feasible."

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