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Youngsters add to richness of Manx life

Award winners with Leslie Hanson, President of the World Manx Association and Anne Minay lifetime honorary member of NAMA.

NAMA awards for cultural input

Island youngsters have been recognised with awards for their contributions to Manx life.

The North American Manx Association (NAMA) presents awards to under 25-year-olds for their input towards all aspects of the Island's culture.

The awards were established in 1979 on the millennium of Tynwald.

With prizes from language, culture, community and music, winners came from both secondary schools and the Isle of Man college.

They are: Richard Gawne, Alyssa Bridson, Wilf Hewson, Harry Kelly, Fraser Rowe, Callum Rowe, Owen Williams, Lukas Hayhurst, Adele Harris and Reece Moffitt.

Clare Christian President of Tynwald said: "no-one can fail to be aware of how vibrant the Manx language, music and dance scenes are at the moment".

She congratulated all 11 winners and thanked NAMA for supporting and encouraging the Island's young people year on year.



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