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Andrew Farrell takes MGP Lightweight trophy

Irishman's second win at this year's MGP

Irishman Andrew Farrell has won the Lightweight race, after a dramatic show on the final day of the Manx Grand Prix.

It's his second win at this year's MGP - but it wasn't an obvious podium finish for most of the race.

Indeed, it was James Chawke who took an early lead, ahead of Gary Vines in 2nd and Andrew Farrell in 3rd by the end of the first lap.

Butler took a strategic pit stop at the end of the first lap set to keep him fueled for the rest of the race - a potential advantage ahead of all other riders making their pit stops at the end of lap 2.

At the start of the 2nd circuit Chawke was leading by 9.1 seconds, Vines still in 2nd ahead of Farrell behind by 5.1 seconds. 

By end of the 2nd circuit racers flooded into the pit lane. But it was at this point that Farrell missed his pit and lost time.

At the start of lap 3 Butler came into the fore having already secured his pit stop. Chawke was still in the lead though by 42 seconds, with Butler now 2nd, and Farrell behind by 1.5 seconds.

At this stage Farrell began to steadily overtake Butler and by the end of the lap Farrell took 2nd, with Butler in 3rd by a second.

Into the 4th and final lap it looked like a sure thing for Chawke though with a comfortable lead from the rest of the pack. But in a dramatic turn of events Chawke retired from the race at Ballagarey.

The top 3 then was all to play for in the final lap and where Farrell who took the lead by 3 seconds ahead of Vines, with Butler just 0.4 seconds behind in 3rd.

By the Bungalow stretched his lead to 5 seconds, with Vines behind, 2.8 seconds ahead of Butler.

And through the finshline Andrew Farrell took victory in the MGP Supporters Club Lightweight Race.

It was Vines in 2nd by 6.3 seconds, and Butler in 3rd just 2.5 seconds behind.

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