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Dean Harrison claims 4th Classic TT win

The 29-year-old's 5th CTT podium

Dean Harrison has won the Superbike Classic TT, the final race of this year's Classic TT.

It's the 29-year-old's 4th Classic TT win, back-to-back Suberbike win and 5th time on the podium.

In second place was Horst Saiger and then an impressive show for the Manx contingent - with Ramsey's Conor Cummins taking 3rd place, and Andrew Dudgeon in 4th.

Dean Harrison led from the start, but the line up beyond there changed quickly and often. Gary Johnson sat in 2nd place in the first lap, with Michael Rutter in 3rd.

The Ramsey Rocket quickly became a threat however, just 1.5 seconds behind Rutter.

At the start of lap 2 Harrison extended his lead by 24 seconds, with Rutter still in 2nd, but Cummins stealing 3rd place from Johnson.  

However a retirement from Johnson here meant Cummins spent a time in second place.

But a number of pit stops before lap 3 meant the top racers changed places, and where Cummins appeared to lose valuable time.

By the start of lap 3 Harrison was leading by 53 seconds, and Saiger overtook Cummins for 2nd place - which remained the order for the rest of lap 3, and indeed the rest of the race.

Into the 4th and final lap and Harrison had a 59 second lead over Saiger. Cummins didn't show signs of losing his place in 3rd though, 11 seconds behind Saiger and 26 seconds ahead of Paul Jordan in 4th.

After a retirement from Jordan, Cummins' place in 3rd became even more secure, ahead of Andrew Dudgeon by 26 seconds.

And at the end of the final lap the podium held Dean Harrison on top, with Horst Saiger in second and the Ramsey Rocket Conor Cummins in 3rd.

It's Saiger's 2nd Classic TT podium, the same case for Cummins'.

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