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Football: Big premier league relegation battle among latest fixtures

Union Mills host Marown in clash to avoid the drop (Fixtures: 6-7 Apr)


Canada Life Men's Premier League (2.30pm KO)

Corinthians vs Ayre

St John's P-P St George's (Waterlogged pitch)

Braddan P-P Rushen (Waterlogged pitch)

Laxey vs Peel

Ramsey P-P Douglas Royal (Waterlogged pitch)

Union Mills vs Marown


DPS Ltd. Division 2 (2.30pm KO)

Colby vs Governors Athletic

Castletown P-P Rycob. (Waterlogged pitch)

Onchan vs Gymns @ Colby

Malew P-P Dhsob. (Waterlogged pitch)

Douglas & District vs Pulrose


Canada Life Combination One (2.30pm KO)

Ayre P-P Corinthians (Waterlogged pitch)

Rushen P-P Braddan (Waterlogged pitch)

Peel vs Laxey

Douglas Royal P-P Ramsey (Waterlogged pitch)

Marown P-P Union Mills (Waterlogged pitch)


DPS Ltd. Combination Two (2.30pm KO)

Governors Athletic P-P Colby (Waterlogged pitch)

Foxdale P-P Douglas Athletic (Waterlogged pitch)

Rycob. P-P Castletown (Waterlogged pitch)

Gymns P-P Onchan (Waterlogged pitch)

Dhsob. P-P Malew (Waterlogged pitch)



Canada Life Women's Football (2pm KO)

Malew P-P Douglas Royal (Waterlogged pitch)

Onchan vs Corinthians @ Corinthians


Masters Football FA Cup First Round 

Corinthians vs Laxey (2.10pm KO @ Bowl)

Colby vs Union Mills (3.40pm KO @ Bowl)


Masters Football (2pm KO)

Douglas Royal P-P Onchan (Waterlogged pitch)

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