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Manx Hockey Results

Thirteen goal thriller in Men's Division Two

Rossborough Men's Premier League

Canaccord Genuity Wealth Vikings 6-0 Canaccord Genuity Wealth Vikings B

Motorworx Valkyrs 6-0 Motorworx Valkyrs B

Rossborough Women's Premier League

Motorworx Valkyrs 6-1 Motorworx Valkyrs B

J Qualtrough & Co Ltd Castletown 1-1 Ramsey Crookall Cronkbourne Bacchas 

Rossborough Men's Division One 

Ramsey Crookall Cronkbourne Bacchas B 7-0 Athena Healthcare Harlequins 

J Qualtrough & Co Ltd Castletown 5-0 Cabnaccord Genuity Vikings C

Rossborough Women's Division One 

Athena Healthcare Harlequins 8-1 Motorworx Valkyrs C

Canaccord Genuity Vikings B 1-0 Ramsey Crookall Cronkbourne Bacchas B 

Rossborough Men's Division Two

Ramsey Crookall Cronkbourne Bacchas C 1-0 J Qualtrough & Co Ltd Castletown Colts

Athena Healthcare Harlequins B 7-6 Exceed Business Services Ramsey B

Rossborough Women's Division Two

J Qualtrough & Co Ltd Castletown C 3 -1 J Qualtrough & Co Castletown Colts

Rossborough Mixed Under-16s

Swales Flooring Harlequins L-L J Qualtrough & Co Ltd Castletown

Motorworx Valkyrs L-L Exceed Business Services Ramsey 

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