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Manx Netball Association results

17 March fixtures

Manx Netball Association Results

Premier Division


Missfits A  21-50  SMP Partners Ballasalla A

SMP Partners Ballasalla B  35-37  Simcocks Blue Eagles

Simcocks red Eagles  70-11  Brown Craine Toomraiders

Route 1 Connections   36-11  Thompson 2


Division One

Long & Humphrey Toomraiders  21-38  PWC Manx Gems Rubies

The Spaniards  28-34  Route 1 Turbos

Castletown Pink  26-37  DAM Plant Young Farmers A

Thompson 3  18-45  Simcocks Gold Eagles


Division Two

Castletown Navy  39-35  Route 1 Sparks

PWC Manx Gems Emeralds  13-75  SMP Partners Ballasalla C

Simcocks Green Eagles  41-41  Thompson 4

WDS Ltd Young Farmers B  12-33 Absolute Scaffolding Black


Division Three

PWC Manx Gems Sapphires  48-17  SMP Ballasalla D

Thompson 5  31-23  Absolute Scaffolding Red

Simcocks Silver Eagles  60-15  Route 1 Volts


Under 14s League

Division One

Ballasalla 1  12-31  Simcocks Red


Division Two

Ballsalla 3  15-16  Simcocks Blue


Division Three

PWC Diamonds  7-11  Castletown Stars

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