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Webber Praises T.T.

Leading Formula One driver Mark Webber has paid tribute to the T.T. and the respect he has for all who compete at the event.

The Red Bull driver was speaking in an interview with the Sydney Sun-Herald newspaper in his native Australia.

Webber came to watch the T.T. in 2008 - in the recent article he says:-

“'There’s a bike race on the Isle of Man and to see what the riders do is amazing. To see what a human can do, the concentration levels, while knowing just the smallest mistake could mean you might die, is absolutely incredible. There’s just something about people putting themselves in situations where it’s just them … and knowing the only way to go is forward."

During his visit to the Isle of Man nearly three years ago, Webber said the T.T. was the first and only sports event he has been to where he was "blown away as a spectator".

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