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Biggins says civil partnership laws 'marvellous'

Ta Biggins gra 'yindyssagh' rish leighyn boodeeys theayagh

Lhisagh yn Ellan ve moyrnagh ass jannoo leighoil boodeeyssyn theayagh eddyr ben as dooinney.

Shen y barel jeh'n rollage çhellveeish Christopher Biggins, t'er ve cur shilley er yn Ellan dy chur er nyn doshiaght, marish Oik Postagh Ellan Vannin, sett noa dy stampaghyn co-chianglt lesh gammyraght (pantomime).

Hug y rollage vrynt foostyr fo raad, lurg da v'er ny cheau magh ass Celebrity Big Brother ayns Jerrey Souree - erreish da v'er chur 'snee vooar' er sleih, kyndagh rish ny dooyrt eh mychione sleih daa-cheintyssgh.

Ga v'eh ayns 'boodeeys theayagh maynrey' son jeih bleeaney, myr fer gay, ta Christopher gra nagh vel sym echey er çheet dy ve poost.

Biggins says civil partnership laws 'marvellous'

The Island should be proud of legalising heterosexual civil partnerships.

That's the view of TV star Christopher Biggins, who's been visiting to promote a new set of pantomime-themed stamps with the Isle of Man Post Office.

The outspoken personality caused a stir after being kicked off Celebrity Big Brother in July - after causing 'great offence' with his remarks about bisexual people.

Despite being 'happily civil partnered' for ten years, Christopher says as a gay mam, getting married doesn't interest him.

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