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Bishop opposes 'unfair' tax cap

Ta'n Aspick noi cagliagh-keesh 'neuchairagh'

Ta'n Çhiarn Aspick gra dy vel eh noi cagliagh keesh çheet-stiagh yn reiltys son cummaltee s'berçhee yn Ellan.

As eh loayrt er claare Radio Vannin, Barel Doonee, t'eh gra dy bare lesh dy neeckagh yn sleih s'berçhee tooilley keesh dy choadey shirveishyn theayagh.

Ta'n Çhiarn Aspick Robert Paterson gra dy vel y coarys t'ayn nish keeallaghey nagh vod peiagh erbee geeck ny shlee na keead, queig as feed thousane punt sy vlein myr keesh çheet-stiagh.

Agh t'eh gra nagh vel shen ny aght cairagh dy eeck son y reiltys ain.


Bishop opposes 'unfair' tax cap

The Lord Bishop says he's opposed to the government's income tax cap for the Island's richest residents.

Speaking on Manx Radio's Sunday Opinion programme, he says he'd rather the wealthiest paid more tax in order to safeguard public services.

Lord Bishop Robert  Paterson says the current system means the most anybody can pay in income tax currently stands at £125,000 a year.

But he says that's not a fair way to pay for our government.

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