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Calls for investigation into tram safety

Eamyn son ronsaght mychione sauçhys-tram

Ta eamyn er nyn yannoo son ronsaghey neu-chrogheydagh, mychione sauçhys as cummal-seose trammyn yn Ellan.

Ta shoh kyndagh rish immeeaght haghyr, tra haink 'failleil-aker' er carriads jeh raad-yiarn lectragh Sniaul.

Sheshaght Raaidyn Yiarn Lectragh Vannin, t'ad gra dy vel feme nish er lane ronsaght heayagh dy chur cree da pashneyryn.

Begin cullee gyere-cheim 'ymmydey, dy chur sthap da'n charriads as eh çheet neose veih mullagh Sniaul Jeheiney.

Julian Nutter, screeudeyr yn Çheshaght, t'eh gra nagh nhegin da'n immeeaght ve coontit dy ve jeh beggan scansh.

Calls for investigation into tram safety

There have been calls for an independent investigation into safety and maintenance on the Island's trams.

It's after an incident where a Snaefell Mountain Railway cariage suffered from 'brake failure'.

The Manx Electric Railway Society (MERS) says a full and public review now needs to take place to reassure passengers.

Emergency controls had to be used to stop the carriage, as it lost power descending from the summit on Friday.

Society secretary Julian Nutter says that should not be taken lightly.

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