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Chief minister hits out at government critics

Ard Shirveishagh bwoalley magh noi sleih ta cremmey reiltys

Ta'n Ard-Shirveishagh er woalley magh noi sleih t'er chremmey yn dellal marish Pinewood, as eh gra dy re 'lane scammylt' yn aght t'ad loayrt my e chione ayns Tinvaal.

Hug eh yn baght shoh ny lurg da focklaghyn er y gherrid mychione lieh-cheead milloon punt son lhiasaghey-ventyr noa, as boggaghey  reillyssyn kied-obbyr. She cur er e hoshiaght tarmaynys yn Ellan y dean.

Ta Mnr Bell gra dy nhegin da sleih toiggal nagh bee speeideilys ec dy chooilley nhee ta çhebbit, as cha lhisagh ad ve cho arryltagh dy chremmey eabbaghyn y reiltys.

Chief minister hits out at government critics

The chief minister has hit out at critics of the Pinewood deal, branding the treatment of it in Tynwald an 'absolute disgrace'.

Allan Bell's comments come in the wake of following the recent announcements of a new £50 million enterprise development and the relaxation of work permit regulations. The aim is to boost the Island's economy.

Mr Bell says people have to understand everything which is attempted may not come off, and they should not be so ready to criticise government's efforts.

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