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Foodbank appeals for help to replenish stocks

Banc Bee jannoo aghin son cooney dy aa-lhieeney sthockyn

Feme er caghlaaghyn red dy veaghey 'accrys traa seyr'

Ta Banc Bee Ellan Vannin jannoo aghin son cooney dy aa-lhieeney ny sthockyn echey.

Shoh ayns jerkallys jeh bishaghey 'syn aggyrt son mynjeigyn bee 'sy tourey shoh, choud's ta 'accrys traa seyr' cheet dy ve ayn choud's ta laghyn seyrey ec ny scoillyn.

Ta ynnydyn dy chur toyrtyssyn trooid yn Ellan, as bee trolleeyn chymsee ayns Tesco Jeheiney as Jesarn (20oo as 21ed Jerrey Souree).

Ta Stiureyeder y Vanc Bee Jane Mellon gra dy vel feme oc er caghlaaghyn red.

AS JANE MELLON : Custard . . . stainnaghyn dy chustard, stainnaghyn dy phuddin reis - er-lhiam dy nee mie lesh dy chooilley pheiagh ta paart dy vee gerjee, as s'mie lhien cur stiagh caghlaa dy dy chooilley red. Grineyn anjeeal, ta feme ain orroo dy debejagh. Rollaghyn premmee, shen red ennagh elley nagh vel sleih dy feer smooinaghtyn er. Mess stainnit, feill stainnit, shen dy kinjagh feer, eer ennoil. As costraylyn sloo dy chaffee, er-yn-oyr dy voddagh cappan dy chaffee dy firrinagh troggal seose dty annym.  


Variety of items needed to feed 'holiday hunger'

The Isle of Man Foodbank is appealing for help to replenish its stocks.

It's in anticipation of an increase in demand for food parcels this summer, as 'holiday hunger' sets in during the school break.

There are donation points around the Island, and there will be collection trolleys in Tesco Friday and Saturday (20 & 21 July).

Foodbank Director Jane Mellon says they need a variety of items.

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