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Future of free TV licences for over-75s unclear

Kied chellveeish nastee er-nyn-son ny shinney na 75 'sy traa ry heet neu-chleeir

Coloayrtyssyn eddyr reiltys as BBC foast goll er

Ta'n shirveishagh polasee as aa-chummey er hebbal aa-hickyryssyn dy jean adsyn ny shinney na 75 tannaghtyn lesh geddyn kied chellveeish nastee ayns Ellan Vannin.

Shoh lurg reaghys ec y BBC dy reayll y vondeish da lughtyn-thie as cheet stiagh injil oc.

Ny s'leaie 'sy vlein shoh, ren reiltys yn RU [Reeriaght Unnaneysit] fograghey magh dy jinnagh eh scuirr veih cur argid son yn chair lurg Mean Souree 2020.

Ta Chris Thomas er chummal coloayrtyssyn rish y scaalheaneyder.

AS CHRIS THOMAS : Er-lhiam dy vel yn aght dy yeeaghyn er, shen, cre'n aght vees kied chellveeish nastee ec sleih na shinney na 75. S'baghtal eh, foddym fakin dy voddagh polasee Tinvaal caghlaa traa ennagh, agh cha nel jerkal rish shen, cha nel shen myr ta mee sheiltyn. S'baghtal eh dy voddagh red erbee taghyrt 'sy pholitickaght, agh ta'n toiggalys aym dy vel y BBC geearree loayrt rish Reiltys Vannin, theay Vannin, er-lheh 'sy vlein noa, dy yeeaghyn er yn aght nee'n lowanse kied chellveeish yn sleih ta ny shinney na 75 gobbraghey 'sy traa ry heet. 

Ta'n Major Charles Wilson, as eh ny er-loayrt son cairyn shenn sidooryn, gra dy vel jannoo ny s'fondee na fockleyn. 

AS CHARLES WILSON : Cha nel mee agh aa-hickyrit ayns paart. Ny ta ry laccal, rere boodeeys aym ny shenn sidooryn, vees slane-varrant veih Reiltys Vannin, dyn y wooise da ny vees taghyrt, BBC as y reiltys Goaldagh, dy  jean ad tannaghtyn lesh eeck son kied chellveeish ocsyn ta ny shinney na 75.


Talks between government and BBC ongoing

The policy and reform minister has offered reassurances that over-75s will continue to receive free TV licences on the Isle of Man.

It follows a decision from the BBC to restrict the benefit to low-income families.

Earlier this year, the UK government announced it would stop funding the privilege after June 2020.

Chris Thomas has held talks with the broadcaster:

Major Charles Wilson, an advocate for the rights of military veterans, says actions speak louder than words:

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