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Gov't needs to address care home costs 'ASAP' says MHK

Feme er reiltys cur rish costyssyn thie kiarail 'cho leah as vees ry yannoo' ta OCF dy ghra

Tashtey scrutagh myr ayrn jeh coyrle s'lhea

Ta costyssyn thie kiarail ayns feme jeh goll er cur rish liorish y reiltys 'cho leah as vees ry yannoo'.

Shen woish Oltey yn Chiare as Feed son Connaghyn Julie Edge, haink er y chooish ayns yn Chiare as Feed Jemayrt 04 Mee Voaldyn.

Ta'n Tashtey gra dy bee'n stayd er ny scrutagh myr ayrn jeh coyrle s'lhea er kiarail.

Agh ta Bnr Edge gra dy vel feme er paart dy phreays.

AS JULIE EDGE : Er-lhiam nagh vel eh taghyrt tappee dy liooar, as ta mee smooinaghtyn dy nee'n elephant 'sy chamyr eh harrys roish as dy bee eiyrtys feer vooar jeant echey, son shickyrys 'syn Ellan as son y phobble echey, as er-lhiam nagh lhisagh sleih ve coayl nyn dhieyn as kied ynrican dy freayll £16,000. Ta mee smooinaghtyn dy nee red ennagh shen oddys y reiltys cur rish liorish cur kied son lowanse syjrey. T'ad er nobbraghey dy creoi son ny thieyn oc as cha lhisagh ad ve coayl nyn dhieyn dy ve fo chiarail. As she cooish dy feer as feme er cur rish ee cho leah as vees ry yannoo.  

Ta'n Shirveishagh Tashtee Alfred Cannan gra dy vel ee er ny chumrail er-coontey y phandemagh Coronavirus.

AS ALFRED CANNAN : T'eh ooilley feme jeeaghyn er. Er-lhiam dy ren Tinvaal – y Tinvaal shoh – toiggal shen ayns 2016. V'eh 'sy chlaare son y reiltys. Er-lhiam, s'baghtal eh lesh Covid, as lesh dy chooilley red t'er ve cochianglt rish, as lesh y varrantys v'ad feme liorish yn Rheynn Slaynt as Kiarail y Theay, s'cosoylagh eh dy vel eh er duittym cour y yerree bentyn rish cooilleeney yn obbyr, agh t'eh red ennagh as t'eh feme goaill ayns laue son shickyrys liorish y nah Hinvaal nish. 


Treasury reviewing as part of wider consultation

Rising care home costs need to be addressed by government 'as soon as possible'.

That's from Onchan Member of the House of Keys Julie Edge who raised the issue in the House of Keys on Tuesday 04 May.

Treasury says the situation will be reviewed as part of a wider consultation on care.

However Ms Edge says it requires a certain amount of urgency:

Treasury Minister Alfred Cannan says it's been delayed due to the Coronavirus pandemic:

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