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Hospital waiting times to go up over Christmas period

S'cosoylagh dy jed traaghyn-farkaght seose ec y traa Nollick

Ta Olteynyn jeh'n Chiare as Feed er gheddyn raaue, as shinyn goll stiagh ny s'diuney sy geurey, dy voddagh traaghyn-farkaght ec Thie-Lheihys Noble çheet dy ve ny s'lhiurey.

Howard Quayle, y Shirveishagh son Slaynt as Kiarail y Theay, t'eh er chur mygeayrt earrooyn sy Chiare as Feed. T'eh gra dy vel ad soilshaghey dy vel foast ram obbyr ry-yannoo.

T'eh gra dy re sharaghey traaghyn-farkaght nane jeh ny tosheeaghtyn echey.

Hospital waiting times to go up over Christmas period

MHKs have been warned that, as winter deepens, waiting time for procedures at Noble's Hospital could get longer.

Health and Social Care minister Howard Quayle has circulated the House of Keys with figures which, he says, indicates there is still plenty of work to do.

He says improving waiting times is one of his priorities.

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