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Moves to legalise gay marriage in the Island

Gaarlaghey dy yannoo leighoil, poosey gay syn Ellan

Sheshaght Goal Twoaie Vannin, t'ad gra dy vel y chosoylaght dy bee poosey gay jeant leighoil er ve çheet son traa foddey - agh t'ee soilshaghey toshiaght y jerrey jeh doalchraueeaght oikoil.

Ec jerrey yn çhiaghtin shoh chaie, hoilshee yn Ard Shirveishagh Allan Bell dy voghe y reiltys coyrle bentyn da leighyn noa, roish my derragh eh lesh stiagh ad roish yn ard-reihys sy vlein shoh çheet.

Lee Vorster ass Sheshaght Goal Twoaie Vannin, t'eh gra dy vel shen soilshaghey nagh vel Mannin ny voayl shenn-emshiragh as homophobagh t'ee grait dy ve ny cheayrtyn.

As t'eh gra dy bee sleih shirrey lheid ny poosaghyn shen dy çhelleeragh.

Moves to legalise gay marriage in the Island

The Manx Rainbow Assocation says the possible legalisation of gay marriage has been a long time coming - but marks the beginning of the end of institutional discriminisation.

At the end of last week, Chief Minister Allan Bell revealed the government would consult on new laws before bringing them in before next year's general election.

Lee Vorster from the Manx Rainbow Association says it shows the Isle of Man isn't the backward and homophobic place it's sometimes portrayed as.

And he predicts there'll be an immediate demand for weddings.

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