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Nat Geo gives Island thumbs-up

S'braew lesh yn Nat Geo yn Ellan

Skimmee ard-earlishlioar Americaanagh, t'ad er nenmys Mannin myr nane jeh ny jeih buill share dy chur shilley er mleeaney.

V'eh shirrit er skimmee screeuee troailt yn National Geographic, ad dy enmys ny buill share lhieu son feed cheead as queig-jeig.

As Larry Porges, fembleyder ec Nat Geo Travel Books, t'eh gra dy row eh rieau laccal cur shilley er Mannin, as t'eh kiarail ceau shiaghtin ayns shoh.

Ta Larry gra dy vel eh geearree fakin stubbinyn as cammag, chammah as tholtanyn Wiggynnagh as cashtallyn Eashyn Meanagh.

As t'eh gra dy jean eh gee kipperyn, braddan as roaganyn dy chooilley laa!

Ta'n Ellan er ny listal marish y lheid jeh'n Raue, Hawaii as ny h-Ellanyn Phillippeenagh.

Nat Geo gives Island thumbs-up

Staff at a top American magazine have named the Isle of Manx as one of the top ten places to visit this year.

National Geographic's travel writing staff were asked to name their top destinations for 2015.

And Larry Porges, an editor with Nat Geo Travel Books, says he's always wanted to visit and plans to spend a week here.

Larry says he wants to see Manx cats and cammag, as well as Viking and medieval castle ruins - and says he'll eat kippers, salmon and scallops every day!

The Island's listed alongside the likes of Rome, Hawaii and the Philippines.

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