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New bank charges hit third sector's 'social investment'

Taillaghyn banc noa cur stiagh er 'baih sheshoil' y trass cherroo

Tashtey ronsaghey shirveishyn banc nastee son sheshaghtyn nagh vel shirrey vondeish

Ta aggle dy jean taillaghyn noa orroo ta toshiaght er ny chur liorish Banc Ellan Vannin er coontyssyn giastyllagh cur stiagh orroosyn ta geddyn foays veih obbyr y trass cherroo.

Ta'n imnea shen cheet veih lhiass-chaairlagh Coonceil ny Sheshaghtyn Arryltagh David Gawne.

Ta'n Tashtey ronsaghey saase dy lhiasaghey shirveishyn banc nastee son sheshaghtyn nagh vel shirrey vondeish.

Ta Mnr Gawne gra dy vel argid giastyllagh jannoo ny smoo tra t'eh er ny cheau 'sy voodeeys.

AS DAVID GAWNE : Ta shinyn er nyannoo ooley feer gharroo, dy jinnagh obbraghey ny taillaghyn noa shoh seose, s'cosoylagh eh, mysh cheead as feed gys cheead as queigad, thousane punt 'sy vlein. Nish eisht, shen towse feer vooar son kerroo giastyllagh yn Ellan. Agh my vees oo jeeaghyn er yn argid bunnidagh sheshoil, y cheet stiagh ayns baih sheshoil er shen, my vees oo caghlaa shen gys ny t'eh feeu da boodeeys yn Ellan, s'cosoylagh eh dy vel eh feeu mysh lieh-villioon punt. As cha nel mee gra dy lhisagh Banc Ellan Vannin tannaghtyn lesh ymmyrkey yn errey shen, agh nagh vod mayd cheet ry cheilley rish ny bancyn elley as obbraghey magh skeim? 


Treasury investigating free banking services for not-for-profit organisations

It's feared new charges introduced by IOM Bank on charity accounts will hit those who benefit from the third sector's work.

That concern comes from the vice chair of the Council of Voluntary Organisations David Gawne.

Treasury is investigating how to develop free banking services for not-for-profit organisations.

Mr Gawne says charity funds go further when spent in the community:

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