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Pensions funding gap blamed on lack of foresight

Foill son barney ayns argid son pensionyn currit er ve gyn kiarail rolaue

Caairlagh Lught-Reill Pensionyn y Cherroo Theayagh cur eh gys lieh lughtyn-reill ny 80yn as 90yn

"Hyndaa dy chooilley pheiagh nyn geill veih'n chooish."

Shen credjue caairlagh Lught-Reill Pensionyn y Cherroo Theayagh bentyn rish y varney leggadagh ayns cur argid son Pensionyn y Cherroo Theayagh.

Ta Jerry Carter gra dy ren moir y voirey cheet rish ayns ny 1980yn as 90yn.

Shen yn traa, t'eh dy ghra, dy row palchey argid goll mygeayrt as va'n reiltys ec y tra shen chebbal conaantyn feer vie ry hoi cleayney stiagh ard fir phrofeshoonagh dy obbraghey ayns shoh:

AS JERRY CARTER : Ta shin laccal poleenyn mie as shirveishyn gyere-cheim y strane toshee, as ta shin laccal sleih feer vie cheusthie jeh bun-troggalys y reiltys. As va shin co-streeu rish argid faill as bonusyn as reddyn feer chleaynagh 'sy cherroo preevaadjagh.

Myr shoh ren y reiltys cur eh hene da chebbal conaantyn feer vie da'n wirran echey, as hyndaa dy chooilley pheiagh nyn geill veih'n chooish, va palchey argid ain, as eisht doaltattym ta shin er ghoostey dy hoiggal dy row y varney cheet dy ve ny smoo as ny smoo.

Va shen yn oyr va aa-chummaghyn as va currit er bun GUS – shen yn Government Unified Scheme (Skeim Unnaneysit y Reiltys) - as va currit er bun lught-reill currit er-lheh da pensionyn y cherroo theayagh.

Public Sector Pensions Authority  chair holds administrations of 80s and 90s responsible 

"Everybody took their eye off the ball."

That's the belief of the chair of the Public Sector Pensions Authority regarding the Public Sector Pensions legacy funding gap.

Jerry Carter says the nub of the problem dates back to the 1980s and 90s.

It's when, he says, there was plenty of money around and the government at the time was offering very good packages in order to attract top professionals to work here: