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Police warn: 'Think before you drink'

Ta meoiryn-shee cur raaue: 'Smooinee roish my iuys oo'

'Dy row fys ayd er dty chaglieeyn. Smooinee roish my iuys oo' - shen yn aghin veih meoiryn-shee ny lurg da jeih dy leih v'er nyn 'oaill seose harrish yn jerrey shiaghtin, ram jeu son loghtyn bentyn da jough veshtallagh.

Ta'n Scruteyr Andy Kneen gra dy row killeenyn-meoir-shee yn Ellan tarroogh, kyndagh rish sleih va goit seose - ram jeu oddagh er scapail veih'n leigh dy beagh fys er ve oc cuin dy scuirr veih giu.

Ta cassid jeant er shiaght jeu as raane currit er nyn son dy heet roish quaiyl - ta raane currit son tree fir elley, derrey vees tooilley brialtyssyn

Postyn Facebook as Twitter veih skimmeeyn pholeeney, hirr ad dy beagh 'fys ec lught-ronneeaght er ny caglieeyn jough veshtallagh oc mannagh vel ad laccal doostey ayns pryssoon'.

Hoilshee yn Scruteyr Kneen magh cre'n fa v'ad goit seose, as ta'n raaue shoh echey: 'Ta Mannin ny boayl feer hauçhey - agh ooilley ta shin dy hirrey, shen dy bee sleih cummal sooill er eiyrtyssyn'.

Police warn: 'Think before you drink'

'Know your limits. Think before you drink' - that's the appeal from police after 10 people were arrested over the weekend, many for alcohol-related offences.

Inspector Andy Kneen says the Island's police cells were busy with detainees - many who could have escaped the law by simply knowing when to stop drinking.

Seven have since been charged and bailed to appear in court - three others have been bailed pending further enquiries.

Facebook and Twitter posts by policing teams requested revellers need to 'know their alcohol limits if they don't want to wake up incarcerated.'

Inspector Kneen explained whey they were arrested and has this warning: 'The Isle of Man is a very safe place - but all we ask is for people to have just one eye on consequences'.

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