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Political support for mental health plan

Pohlldal politickagh son plan slaynt-aigney

Y plan strateishagh son slaynt-aigney as gien mie ayns yn Ellan, nee eh caghlaa ymmyrkaghyn cultooroil veih'n chlean gys yn oaie.

Shen credjue Stureyder Slaynt-Aigney syn Ellan, Angela Murray.

Nee nane ass kiare jin surranse kyndagh rish cooish slaynt-aigney jeh sorçh ennagh ayns y vea ain - as cooishyn slaynt-aigney ny h-oyryn jeh faggys da tree as feed sy cheead dy hingys mastey yn phobble.

As ee goaill rish dy vel raad liauyr roin, ta Bnr Murray gra dy vel y plan cur kesmadyn-kiarail son lheihys.

T'ee gra dy vel y pohlldal politickagh ry-gheddyn nish.

Political suppport for mental health plan

The Strategic Plan for Mental Health and Wellbeing in the Island will change cultural attitudes from cradle to grave.

That's the belief of Director of Mental Health in the Island, Angela Murray.

One in four of us will suffer a mental health issue of some kind during our life - with mental health issues responsible for almost 23 per cent of disease in the population.

Whilst admitting there's a long road ahead, Mrs Murray says the plan sets out a stepped care model for treatment.

She says the political support is in place.

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