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Rates modernisation to be revived

Jannoo keesh thie ass-y-noa dy ve aa-vioghit

Coyrle scrutee er reayn y halee

Noddagh ymmyd ve jeant jeh paart jeh'n argid chaglit myr keesh thie son shaleeyn ashoonagh soit 'sy voodeeys?

Shen red ennagh ta goll er sur-smooinaghtyn er ec y reiltys choud's t'eh jeeaghyn reesht er jannoo ass-y-noa y coarys keesh thie.

Ren yn shirveishagh polasee as aa-chummey soilshaghey magh ny plannyn dy yannoo ny s'lhea reayn y halee shaghey keesh thie ayns fogrey gys olteynyn Tinvaal y chiaghtin shoh chaie.

Ta Chris Thomas gra dy voddagh ymmyd ve jeant jeh paart jeh'n cheet stiagh veih keesh thie dellal son oyryn s'lhea.

AS MNR THOMAS : Ny ta shin jannoo hoshiaght, ta shin lhunney coyrle scrutee dy chummal coloayrtys rish ooilley jeusyn t'eh jannoo er, agh son shickyrys t'eh jeeaghyn dou dy ve ny eie mie dy ronsaghey yn eie dy vel paart jeh'n argid ta ry haglym dy ynnydoil dy feer son oyryn ashoonagh. Veagh feme eisht er rheynn eh reesht dy chooilleeney femeyn ashoonagh rish reddyn taghyrt soit 'sy voodeeys.


Consultation due on scope of project

Could some of the money collected in rates be used for national community-based projects?

It's something being considered by the government as it revisits the modernisation of the rating system.

The policy and reform minister revealed the plans to broaden the scope of the project beyond domestic rates in a statement to Tynwald members last week.

Chris Thomas says some of the income from business rates could be used for wider purposes.

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