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Say no to squirrels - wildlife trust

Ny cur-shiu stiagh fioragyn - Treisht Bea-Feie Vannin

Cur lesh fioragyn ruy stiagh ayns Mannin, oddagh eh craghey yn vea-feie ain.Shen ny ta Treisht Bea-Feie Vannin credjal, as eh fo stiurey yn Dr Tim Graham, t'er ny phointeil er y gherrid myr yn ard-offishear sheckteragh noa.

Ta'n eie er ny chur magh reesht er y gherrid, lurg da'n treisht aachouyr çheer v'er chur faaue dy beagh yn Ellan ny boayl mie erbashtal son cur coloin er bun da ny cretooryn. 

Richard Ronan, Shirveishagh son Çhymmyltaght, Bee as Eirinys, t'eh er lunney cochoyrle heayagh mychione cur lesh yn sorçh shoh dy chretoor gys yn Ellan, sorçh t'ayns gaue.

Agh ny-yei shen, ta'n Dr Graham gra, ga dy vel yn cretoor feer ennoil as ny yalloo-freayltys, cha nel eh cooie da Mannin.

Ta'n Dr Graham gra dy nee gaueagh veagh cur lesh fioragyn stiagh ayns Mannin, er yn oyr nagh row ad rieau recortyssit ayns yn Ellan. Myr shen, veagh ad enmyssit dy ve ny horçh joarree dy chretoor.

Kyndagh rish genney bee, veagh eh doillee daue dy hannaghtyn er mayrn, veagh keeallaghey dy voddagh ad cur y drogh er ushagyn yn Ellan, liorish gee oohyn.

T'eh gra ny sodjey, "Cha nel fys ain cre'n chragh yinnagh ad feaysley - cha row eh rieau er bea-feie yn Ellan baghey maroo roïe."

Ayns ynnyd jeh cur lesh fioragyn stiagh, ta'n Dr Graham gra, lhisagh yn Ellan pohlldal shaleeyn dy chooney lesh geddyn reesht sorçhyn nadooragh dy chretooryn, gollrish yn phibbyn, ayns skeimyn myr yn fer ta goaill toshiaght er yn Cholloo, ta jerkal greinnaghey ny h-ushagyn shen dy heelraghey ayns shen reesht.

Say no to squirrels - wildlife trust

Introducing red squirrels on the Island could have a devastating impact on our wildlife.

That's the belief of the Manx Wildlife Trust, under newly appointed  Chief Executive Officer, Dr Tim Graham.

The idea has recently been floated again, after the Countryside Restoration Trust suggested the Island would be an ideal place to set up a colony of the animals.

Environment, Food and Agriculture Minister Ricard Ronan has now launched a public consultation to bring the endangered species to the Island.
However, Dr Graham says while the animal is a well-loved and a conservation icon, it has no place on the Isle of Man.

Dr Graham says introducing squirrels would be a risky business, as they have never been recorded on the Island and would therefore be classed as an alien species.

Due to limited food resources they would find it hard to survive, which means they may have an impact on the Island's birdlife through eating eggs.
He goes on to say "we don't know what havoc they may unleash when the Island's wildllife has never had to live with them before."

Dr Graham says the Island should instead be supporting projects to aid the recovery of native species such as the puffin, in schemes such as the one getting underway on the Calf which hopes to encourage the birds to breed there again.

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