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Treasury minister backs calls for review of benefits system

Shirveishagh tashtee cur niart da eamyn son aa-scrutaght jeh corys y chooney cadjin argidoil

Vrasnee bing er boghtynys aa-smooinaghtyn er cooney 

Ta'n shirveishagh tashtee gra dy vel eh treishteil dy stiurey aa-scrutaght lhean jeh corys cooney cadjin argidoil yn Ellan.

Va David Ashford er ny phointeil da'n oik lurg da Alfred Cannan ve reiht dy ve ny ard shirveishagh.

Ny s'moghey 'sy vlein shoh ren Bing Reiht Tinvaal er Boghtynys cur eam son slane aa-scrutaght jeh'n chooney cadjin argidoil vees goll er cur liorish Reiltys Ellan Vannin.

Ta Mnr Ashford gra dy nee red ennagh eh t'eh coardail rish.

AS DAVID ASHFORD : Dooyrt y ving er boghtynys dy vel feme er aa-scrutaght lhean jeh corys y chooney cadjin  argidoil. Ta mee slane ayns coardail rish shen. V'eh dy jarroo ayns y vanifesto aym son y reihys. Ta mee credjal dy vel eh erriu aa-scrutaghey ooilley yn chooney cadjin argidoil, as ayns yn traa aym myr shirveishagh tashtee, ta mee treishteil dy bee mayd abyl dy yannoo shen, as dy yannoo aa-scrutaght bunnidagh jeh ny ta corys y chooney cadjin argidoil cur, vel eh cur reddyn 'syn ynnyd kiart, ny vel feme ain er lhiassaghey reddyn beggan. 


Poverty committee urged rethink of support

The treasury minister says he hopes to conduct a wide review of the Island's benefits system.

David Ashford was appointed to the post following Alfred Cannan's election as chief minister.

Earlier this year Tynwald's Select Committee on Poverty called for a full review into the financial support provided by the Isle of Man Government.

Mr Ashford says it's something he agrees with:

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