Howard Caine

Howard has been working in the news room for more years than he – and quite possible many others – care to remember.

He can be heard reading the news anytime between 7am and midnight depending on when he gets up, and has presented Manx Radio’s wildlife programme Mannin the Wild (or “Mann in the Wild” as you prefer) since he first thought of it. When he’s not doing that he also takes unsuspecting victims out for what they think is going to be a nice stroll in the country, but is actually another long standing staple of the Island Life series. A Walk With . . .

He’s also been known to present the Manx oddities programme “Ta Mee Ginders” and has dedicated what remains of his life to trying to get some  modern jazz back on to Manx Radio, along with some truly local satire once again. A long shot, but he’s an eternal pessimist so things can only get better.

When not at Manx Radio he lives in the cultural centre of the Island, Cronk y Voddy, with two cats, large amounts of Burgundy, parmesan, parsnips and wife Sue.

Howard can also be heard on our Sweet and Swing and Jumpin' In programmes every Friday from 9pm to 10pm.