Paul Corkish

Paul has been working as one of Manx Radio’s freelance presenters since 2006, which is a complete contrast to his daytime office job.

His interest in music started at a young age and has been wide and varied since that time.  In his early years he was boy chorister, followed by playing in a brass band and then guitar as a duo traveling around the Island to entertain.  He was also in a teenage “pop” group playing the songs of the day such as Cream’s “Sunshine of your Love” and “N.S.U.” and Paul says when he hears these it brings back memories of his days at school.

Paul was delighted to realise his ambition of working in radio, and enjoys presenting some of his favourite music.  His “Triple Gold” programme covers music from the seventies, eighties and nineties, and these three decades produced some brilliant music which he brings to you each Friday evening.  In complete contrast, the “All Request Sunday” show is very much the listeners’ choice which always features a great variety of music.