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TT Mountain lap in an electric car: feature

Manx Radio's Alex Bell put the Nissan Leaf to the test

How does modern tech compare with Zero bikes?

The engineering feats demonstrated in last week's TT Zero race proved, with the right kit, electric motors can be a serious rival to petrol.

Then there's the benefit of 'zero-emissions' vehicles to the planet.

But could electric be the way forward for Manx motorists?

Jeff Ames, from Douglas-based tech firm Computer Network Defence, thinks so.

A self-confessed 'petrolhead' and fully licenced motor racer, Jeff never thought he'd make the switch - but these days, he's the proud owner of one himself, and is among a number of Islanders leading the charge for a greater investment in them here.

CND recently invested in a battery-powered company car, the Nissan Leaf, which is packed with bells and whistles showcasing the worth (and surprising might) of its flagship EV range.

There was only one way to test the worth of the 80-kilowatt, one-and-a-half-ton, £30,000 Leaf... A lap around the TT Mountain Course with Alex Bell: 

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