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Commemorative medallion for museum exhibition

Specially-struck commemorative medallions have been donated to the Manx Aviation and Military Museum at Ronaldsway.

The limited edition was handed over by Isle of Man Stamps and Coins for the museum’s new ‘14-18’ exhibition which remembers the role of the Island and its people in the Great War.

It uses personal memories, diaries and photographs to give an impression of how locals were affected by the war, both at the battlefront and at home.

As well as displaying uniforms, weapons and souvenirs that soldiers brought back from the battlefields, it features soldiers’ own personal memorabilia and good luck charms.

It also tells how the Island’s servicemen felt at being far away from home and shows how war families and the Island community was changed forever by the loss of a significant proportion of their young men.

Museum director Ivor Ramsden said: ‘We are very grateful to Isle of Man Post Office for donating this fine commemorative medallion which will be put on display along with some of the medals that were awarded to local men for their wartime service.

‘It will make an interesting comparison in styles and is a direct link between our generation and the one which suffered the rigours of the ‘Great War’ 100 years ago.’

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