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Lottery boost for Manx Language Nursery

Manx language books videos, CDs and activity packs to be provided

The Island's one and only sole Manx-speaking nursery has been rewarded with a cash boost by the Manx Lottery Trust.

In a project designed to help families learn and use the Manx language outside of school, a new book called ‘store of Gaelic treasure’ will soon be available at Mooinjer Veggey.

It comes after a need for additional support was highlighted during the pandemic after claims there was a lack of resources for parents trying to raise their children speaking Manx. 
The £15,000 grant came from the Manx Lottery Trust’s Community Awards Programme and will allow a part time coordinator to commission resources from stories to songs, books to videos, science to history.
As well as original short stories, translations of existing stories, targeted science and maths resources, videos, a new book and a CD of rhymes and songs will also be produced, along with activity packs for parents who want to help their children learn Manx at home and for nursery providers wishing to use Manx.
Mooinjer Veggey's – which translates in Manx Gaelic as ‘little people’ - establishment in 1996, it has helped over 170 pupils become fluent in Manx.

After falling dramatically from the end of the 19th century, the number of Manx speakers has increased significantly since the 1990s and the 2011 census recorded more than 1,800 speakers on the Island.

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