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MannVend to provide environmentally friendly products

UNESCO partner looks for alternatives to paper and plastic products

With Christmas being a time of excess, it is accompanied by excessive waste, however, a local business is striving to be environmentally conscious this festive season.

MannVend is providing environmentally friendly alternatives to many products that people use over the holidays.

The company-which is a UNESCO Biosphere Isle of Man partner- has teamed up with DEFA to find a solution to process combustible products.

Managing Director of MannVend, Tracey Leahy, appreciates the convenience of paper plates and plastic cups at this time of year but says 'convenience comes at the price of the environment'.

She adds, 'this year we've been pleased to see more and more interest in our Vegware range of plastic-free compostable products made from plants that include cups, plates, cutlery, and bin liners.'

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