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Almost 5,000 more registered electors than in 2016

Glenfaba and Peel has largest number of eligible voters

Almost 5,000 more people are registered to vote in next week's General Election than in 2016.

That's roughly the electorate of an individual constituency.

Across the Island's 12 constituencies, 64,744 people will be able to cast a vote on 23 September.

In 2016, that number stood at 59,963.

Nearly 500 new voters have registered since July.

The constituency with the most registered electors is Glenfaba and Peel, the same as five years ago.

There are 6,380 people who can vote there.

Douglas North has replaced Douglas East as the constituency with the smallest electorate.

The table shows how many registered electors there were in the 2016 election, on 1 July 2021 and 2 September this year:

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