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Brownfield sites 'desperately' need regeneration says MLC

Greenhill welcomes Manx Development Corporation

Unloved and derelict urban sites on the Isle of Man ‘desperately’ need to be regenerated.

That’s the view of MLC Peter Greenhill who’s welcomed the establishment of the Manx Development Corporation.

It will work to attract inward investment and developers to transform brownfield sites – for residential and commercial use - across the Island.

Mr Greenhill, who is a member of the department for enterprise, told Tessa Hawley it has to be a collaborative approach:

He's also put his thoughts into written form: 

Old Douglas Town’s, just the same
There is strong wind, and there’s rain
And there to greet me are the road works, and pot holes
Down Strand Street I walk, where have the shops gone
Nothing works, that’s just like the prom
It's here, we see, the brown field sites of Mann
Yes they must come to build here
Let’s not wait, regenerate
We have to fix, the brown field sites of Mann
The old houses just lie empty
With the paint all cracked and dry
And there's that Villiers Square, that I used to play on
Round the Town I walk, in such dis-re-pair
There’s such a mess, just everywhere
We have to fix, the brown field sites of Mann
Then I awake and look around me
At those cracked walls that surround me
And I realise, yes, I was only dreaming
For there's the clerk, and here's the court all enthralled
On and on, we talk in Tynwald
We again discussed, the brown field sites of Mann
Yes, we all come to de-bate
In the chamber, of the Wedding Cake
And we prayed please
Fix the brown field sites of Mann

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