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Cash payments 'halved during lockdown'

Could the Isle of Man become a 'cashless society'?

As the Isle of Man emerges from lockdown restrictions, we're beginning to get a flavour of what a post-Covid-19 world might look like.

But what lessons have we learned? What's changed? And which bits of the 'old normal' won't be a part of the 'new normal'?

Some international media outlets have suggested we may see a more 'cashless society' moving forwards, after consumers have become more used to using contactless payments.

Cash payments in Coop stores around the Isle of Man halved year-on-year, during Covid-19 lockdown restrictions.

For a number of weeks, consumers were encouraged to use contactless card payments wherever possible, with the eligible transaction value increased by several banks from £30 to £45.

Dollin Mercer asked the Area Manager for the Coop on the Isle of Man, Andy Corrie, if he thought that's a trend that could continue:

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