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Chief's concession on collective responsibility

Beecroft and Cannan agree to compromise

The Lib Vann leader who's taken a ministerial position in the Manx government struck a compromise over one of her party's key principles.


Kate Beecroft agreed to become Health and Social Care minister on the basis Howard Quayle relaxed the rules on collective responsibility.


Mr Quayle also offered the key Treasury role to his other leadership rival Alf Cannan - the concession on collective loyalty proving a necessary incentive to both. 


In the past, ministers and departmental members have been expected to back the vast majority of government policies. 


Mr Quayle has now relaxed that rule.


In future, he'll demand support for measures in the government programme and the Budget as well as matters of national importance.


In other areas, members of the government will have a free vote.


Mrs Beecroft says she was prepared to compromise.

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