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Councillor Pitts has warning for new applicants

Derelict buildings, dog muck and parking big issues

A councillor for the central Douglas district of Derby ward says any new representative for the area must be prepared to deal with parking, run-down buildings and dog muck.

Debbie Pitts, who's been a councillor for Derby ward since 2012, has highlighted these issues as major problems facing the area.

Sat in the heart of the capital, the district is heavily populated with flats and apartments, and features a number of older properties and derelict houses.

A vacant seat has arisen on Douglas Borough Council to represent the ward, after previous incumbent Ferdinand Pabellan had to step down due to ill health.

There are six wards in total, with three councillors from each making up the 18 seats on the Council.

If more the one nomination is received by the deadline this Friday (13 July), an election will be held on Thursday 9 August.

Councillor Pitts is hopeful voters will go the polls in Derby to choose their representative and back them with a public mandate; she walked into the role due to a lack of contest.

It may be the last time the ward has its own presence in the capital's local authority. Councillors voted to reduce their membership by 2020 whilst changing the ward boundaries into the four constituencies of North, South, East, Central used to elect MHKs.

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