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Dangers of kids swallowing laundry tablets highlighted

OFT issues advice on prevention

Parents are being warned about the dangers of children swallowing laundry tablets.

The Isle of Man Office of Fair Trading says there have been more than 2,000 reported cases in the United Kingdom over the last five years.

Such products have safety warnings on them, but many parents are unaware of the dangers they can pose.

The liquid or gel detergent capsules are often small and brightly coloured, with some kids mistaking them for sweets.

The tablets contain a cocktail of harmful chemicals which can cause burn-related injuries, internal swelling, breathing difficulties, or the risk of falling into a coma.

Exposure to the eye can also cause damage, including temporary blindness.

Parents are advised to keep laundry tablets and other household chemicals either up high out of reach of young children, or stored in a locked cupboard.

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