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DoI Minister supportive of spending 'millions' on 'basic fabric' of housing

Credit: Erik Mclean

But still no word from DEFA on free insulation and draft excluders

More details on when people will be able to claim free loft insulation, and draft excluders, from government are expected to be released 'soon'.

That’s the view of the infrastructure minister who says he 'passionately believes' that millions of pounds needs to be spent on the ‘basic fabric’ of housing.

In September the Department of Environment, Food and Agriculture announced it would spend six million pounds giving out the items with ‘minimal barriers’; nothing physical has yet materialised.

You can find out more HERE.

Chris Thomas says the DoI also needs to do more but he’s hopeful there will be further information available in the near future:

Manx Radio asked DEFA to confirm when the free loft insulation and draft excluders would be released to the public – no answer was forthcoming.

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