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EAG urges CoMin to bring in Covid mitigation measures

Advice published from 29 July

Mitigation measures to reduce the spread of Covid are urgently required.

That's the view of the Emergency Advisory Group in its latest advice to the Council of Ministers, dated 29 July.

The EAG says measures are needed to protect the vulnerable, including people without vaccinations, and to reduce the impact on the economy, caused by work absence due to isolation.

The communique urges CoMin to improve its communications in respect of endorsing proven measures such as wearing face masks in enclosed settings and ensuring good ventilation.

CoMin's exit framework is described as out of date and potentially confusing to the public.

The EAG suggests that based on the UK day case rate per 100,000 people, the Island should be at Borders level 4 according to the exit framework document.

Clear guidance is called for as to when CoMin may consider introducing contingency mitigation measures, and what level of risk it is prepared to accept on behalf of the community.

Improvements to the Covid and vaccine dashboards are urged to help the public understand the rationale on which CoMin is making decisions.

Yesterday, government issued an update 'strongly advising' people to wear face coverings in crowded environments.

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