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Eligible EU voters on Island urged to register

Chamber of Commerce members asked their views on Brexit

Eligible EU referendum voters on the Isle of Man need to register imminently.

Residents who qualify - those registered to vote in UK elections in the past 15 years - have until 7June to declare their intention to take part in the in-out referendum.

Isle of Man Chamber of Commerce members have been asked for their views on a potential Brexit. 

The Chamber's survey indicated around 66% of Island business leaders are in the Remain camp - including 85% of companies trading directly with Europe.

However, 32% insisted they didn't have enough information to decide.

If the UK votes to leave, the Manx Government expects the temporary collapse in guaranteed free trade through Protocol 3 to be 'challenging'.

Reliance would then be on the UK to negotiate a fresh trade union for the Crown Dependencies.

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