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False widow causes real problems at amenity site

The discovery of a poisonous spider has led to the closure of a recycling centre in in Douglas.

What's thought to be a false widow spider was found by a member of the public in the recycling sheds at the Eastern civic amenity site in Pulrose.

The woman raised the alarm after the spider bit her hand.

The sheds are currently closed to the public for decontamination, but will open again on Saturday following a deep clean. The amenity site itself remains open for business as usual.

Seven species of false widow spiders are recorded in the United Kingdom. It was first found in the south west of England in the 1870s and has spread north since then.

Listed as Britain's most poisonous spider, the bite is similar to a bee sting. Whilst this can be very painful, there are no recorded instances of anyone dying from such a bite - and being bitten by a false widow in itself is quite rare.


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