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Fishermen rescued after abandoning stricken vessel


Port Erin’s Lifeboat came to the aid of a fishing boat which had run aground yesterday.




The ‘Muriel & Leslie’ was out on exercises off the south coast, when it received a Mayday call from a vessel in distress off the rocks at Langness point.




Within 20 minutes the lifeboat was on scene, and found the vessel, having lost power, had gone aground with the crew abandoning ship and swimming ashore.




Castletown coastguard team asked for a transfer of the vessel’s crew from the inaccessible cove they had reached to the lifeboat.




Two Port St Mary lifeboats had also arrived on scene and helped with the transfer of one casualty to Castletown harbour to a waiting ambulance, which took him to hospital.




Port Erin lifeboat also took a further two members of the stricken vessel’s crew back to Castletown with one person remaining with the Coastguard team.


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