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Former MHK 'appalled' by gov't handling of age discrimination case

Boot describes case as 'a waste of public money'

A former MHK says he's appalled by government's handling of an age discrimination case.

Geoffrey Boot and Martyn Perkins won their tribunal against Treasury after being excluded from a resettlement payment, given to MHKs who lose their seats at election, because of their age.

After initially being awarded almost £34,000 each, the two former politicians agreed to a reduced sum of £22,500 after Treasury lodged an appeal.

Having now settled the case, Mr Boot has posted on social media to say he and Mr Perkins did not bring this action lightly, adding that government was given ample opportunity to settle without resorting to formal litigation.

In his statement, he says the pair were told they had a strong case by the Manx Industrial Relations Service, but government refused to settle, taking the issue to a tribunal.

The former Glenfaba and Peel MHK said a review of the tribunal's findings was 'a further waste of public money' while the appeal cost 'even more money', adding that had Treasury settled when the case was first raised, it would have cost no public money other than the resettlement grant.

Mr Boot says he's appalled the government was willing to put him and Mr Perkins through the process after admitting at the tribunal that the payment scheme was discriminatory.

He adds that the case has left a bitter taste, but that the duo can now put the issue behind them.

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