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Half-a-million queen scallops moved for underwater cable

Telecoms cable to connect us Denmark, Ireland, and UK

Seventy-five kilometres of underwater cable are to be laid along the Manx seabed, as part of a telecoms project, connecting Denmark, the UK, Isle of Man, and Ireland.

The Havinghsten Telecommunications Cable spans across 940km of land and seabed.

It's to connect the Island to data centres in the UK and Ireland, and is said to improve our internet connection and overall speed.

The two-inch wide cable will run through the Chickens fishing ground.

Before the line is laid however, more than half-a-million queen scallops have had to be relocated.

Department of Environment, Food, and Agriculture Minister Geoffrey Boot discussed the move on the Mannin Line:

In total, 19 tons of scallops, along with other sealife, were caught and relocated to what government calls 'safer grounds'.

The process, it's said, was done with regard to the sensitivities of the environment.

The seabed is now being prepped, for the line to be put down in the coming months.

More than half a million queen scallops have been moved from the route of an underwater cable following a unique...

Posted by Isle of Man Government on Monday, December 7, 2020

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