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Hefty fine for man who urinated in cell

Douglas man's dirty protest after arrest

A man who flooded one police cell then urinated on the floor of another, has been fined almost £3,000.

Nicholas Derek Jones, of Peel Road, Douglas, pleaded guilty to the offences.

He had been arrested on 11th June after being found drunk, and told officers he had urinated in the road.

Once at police headquarters Jones became aggressive and flooded cell 3 by stuffing a risk suit into the toilet then flushing it.

He was transferred, naked, to Cell 10 where he proceeded to urinate over the floor before sucking urine into his mouth and spraying it over the cell camera. He also snorted urine into his nose, then kicked the steel communication panel in the cell and attempted to push his genitals into the device, causing officers concern that he may be electrocuted.

Duty advocate John Wright said Jones may have been making a protest after being re-handcuffed too tightly but accepts he had gone far too far. He also had issues with alcohol.

Deputy High Bailiff Jayne Hughes told Jones he should be deeply ashamed and fining him a total of £2,981 said he should think hard about his drinking.

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