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Heron and Brearley hits out at minimum wage rise

Increase to £7.50 per hour for over-25s

The Island's largest private sector employer has criticised the minimum wage rise which has been approved by Tynwald.

The Manx parliament this week approved an increase to £7.50 per hour for over-25s, which will come into effect from 1 June.

Heron and Brearley claims it, along with other companies in hospitality, retail, leisure, cleaning and care have repeatedly told the government such a rise could result in job losses, less investment in training and price increases.

It says some businesses could even be forced to close.

The statement, from the group's human resource manager, Sarah Blayden, goes on to say determining the minimum wage needs to be evidence-based, and not politically driven.

She adds the Manx government should not simply follow its UK counterpart's policies on this matter, which she says are already proving harmful.

She concludes by saying the Manx government needs to listen to the practical realities faced by Manx employers, and urgently needs to devise policies to offset this additional burden to avoid what could, in reality, be harmful for Manx workers.

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