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Holidaymakers count cost of slumping pound

Currency heading for its worst month in years

Travel experts are warning that holidays to Europe will feel considerably more expensive this year, after news the pound is heading for its worst month for almost three years.

The exchange rates for sterling have tumbled, as fears continue to mount over a possible no-deal Brexit.

In the past fortnight or so, one pound has been getting you around 1.09 Euros, or around 1.21 US dollars.

It has climbed again slightly at points, but still lingered at around 1.10 Euros or 1.22 US dollars, according to the BBC's Market Data.

Analysts say the trend is only likely to continue, which has the potential to pull the British economy into chaos - but in the immediate term, it's also bad news for anyone going abroad whilst the exchange rates are so low.

Dollin Mercer spoke to Brian Kelly of the Manx-based Online Regional Travel Group, about what this means for Islanders:

You can watch the interview in full here:

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