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Inconsistency in government's Covid-19 figures

Presumed recovered methodology has changed

Current government figures of coronavirus cases don't appear to add up.

The number of active cases has increased by 12 since the weekend despite the Island only recording five positive new cases.

On Sunday active cases stood at 28, a number which can be worked out by adding those in hospital (20) to the eight in the community.

However, at present, there are 40 active cases of Covid-19 on the Island, with 19 in hospital and 21 in the community.



It leaves 12 active cases unaccounted for.

At the beginning of the week, counting the number of those presumed recovered stopped.

Throughout the pandemic this number either increases or stays the same.

On Monday however, the number of those presumed recovered dropped from 271 to 261, according to government figures.

The Department of Health and Social Care has been contacted for comment.