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Isle of Man cost of living 36 per cent cheaper than London says comparison website

Expatistan data 'isn't bulletproof'

The cost of living in the Isle of Man is 36 per cent cheaper than London.

That's according to the online comparison site, Expatistan, which produces data from cities around the world.

The website collates its information from prices submitted by members of the public for everything from property rentals to food items, electricals and leisure activities.

Expatistan says its data gives a reliable comparison but isn't bulletproof. The only category in which the Isle of Man comes out more expensive is the cost of clothing, which is said to be 13 per cent dearer here than in London.

Expatistan calculates the average cost of living per month for a family of four in the Isle of Man to be £3,274. For a single person the figure is £1,732.

Expatistan's international comparisons are made from 3.6 million prices submitted by 416,000 members of the public in 229 countries.

And if you're looking for somewhere with a cost of living roughly the same as Douglas, the closest would be the Maltese city of Valetta.

If you fancy a trip to somewhere light on the wallet it might be worth considering Cape Town in South Africa, where the cost of living is around 65 per cent cheaper than here.

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